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Telling Tales (2012)

by Charlotte Stein(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
1908006862 (ISBN13: 9781908006868)
Xcite Books
review 1: I enjoy Charlotte Stein's writing. Her narrators make me laugh, descriptions are fresh, and the love scenes are always filthy hot. Plus, she does beta heroes well. I will say this one read more like erotic fantasy than a full romance as probably 80% of the book was the sex. And usually back to back sex scenes in my erotic romances lead to me skipping pages because it can be overkill, all the scenes blending together. But the tension and angst between the characters is kept high in this one, which makes it a page turner. I devoured it in a day.
review 2: 3.25 stars... I feel really bad for giving a low rating. I saw this book at the store and I was like hey this looks really good. It was good but really weird. There is ALOT of sex in this book. The author di
... mored a great job with the details and the characters were enjoyable. I was confused sometimes with the story line. But it you like erotica type books than read this :-) i would read more of this authors book though. :-) less
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AWFUL... just awful. Some of the worst writing I've ever come across. *1.5/5 stars*
Terrible, horrible, vile.
4.5 stars
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