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The Cryptos Conundrum (2012)

by Chase Brandon(Favorite Author)
2.6 of 5 Votes: 5
0765318776 (ISBN13: 9780765318770)
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
review 1: Sorry, I could not get into this novel. The first few chapters where the location was the trenches of France in the first world war did make the story interesting, BUT when it dived off into the supranational beings trying to 'teach' the main character about life mysteries of existence and got to be too much spoiling what started out being a good beginning. Stopped reading at 60 pages (which is not usually my reading habit as I try to give every novel the benefit of the doubt and will try to finish it no matter what). Not recommended for being 'too out there'. The 'book' is going into the paper recycling bin. What a waste of paper.
review 2: This is written by a former CIA employee. There is a disclaimer at the beginning that reads, "This material has been revi
... moreewed by the CIA to prevent disclosure of classified information." According to the jacket description, it's about the (real) mysterious sculpture that sits in the CIA's headquarters which has mysterious writing on it no one has been able to decrypt.All of this sounds intriguing.It's not.That blurb at the front should've read, "This has been reviewed by the CIA and determined you shouldn't read it, because it's a boring-ass wish-fulfillment story about an analytical superman connected to aliens who may be angels and/or gods and who have ridiculous names."I know a former CIA agent who worked for the agency for more than 4 decades. He'd laugh at this book. less
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Solid 2.5 stars I can't praise anything specific about it and I didn't hate anything about it..
There are no words.... I will be thinking about this book for a long time.
Definitely will read and review.
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