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Sinnerman (2011)

by Cheryl Bradshaw(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 1
1466291206 (ISBN13: 9781466291201)
Sloane Monroe
review 1: Sinnerman is an awesome read. Once I had started reading Sinnerman I couldn't put it down. Sinnerman is the second book in the Sloane Monroe series. Cheryl Bradshaw did a fantastic job writing this book.Sloane Monroe is a PI whose sister was murdered 3 years ago by a serial killer who goes by the name of Sinnerman. He hasn't killed for three years and when he returns Sloane is determined to find out who he is and to bring him to justice.Sloane has a new found friend who helps her and protects her without being over bearing like Nick usually is. His name is Giovanni Luciani. We met Gio at the end of the first book Black Diamond Death. She wasn't sure what to think of him.If you are looking for a fantastic series to read then I suggest you read the Sloane Monroe Serie... mores by starting with Black Diamond Death.
review 2: Every once in a while I need to read something mindless like this very lightweight crime thriller, the second in a series of books about Private Investigator Sloane Monroe. I've said this before, and I'll probably say it again: authors of Kindle freebies need get their work professionally edited. --"Grizzly" instead of "grisly"--"Shuttered" and not "shuddered"--Confusion between "pour" and "pore" (not just once, but several times)--Blatant misuse of apostrophes and commas--Implausible plot points (the protagonist enters a murder suspect's home, where the police have not searched and the front door just happens to be unlocked; the abrupt brush-off Sloane gives her live-in boyfriend, Nick)These very severe weaknesses are redeemed by occasionally snappy dialogue between Sloane and her BFF, Maddie. less
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much better than the 1st Sloane Mystery book. couldn't put it down!
I haven't received the book so I will rate the book as one star.
Good suspense, fast read.
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