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8 Pounds: Eight Tales Of Crime, Horror, & Suspense (2010)

by Chris F. Holm(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
Poisonville Press
review 1: I think what I enjoyed most about Eight Pounds was the variety of the stories. There is a little bit of something for everyone in there. I enjoyed both the pace and style of the stories. Some were subtle and clever, whilst others were bolder, brasher and more in your face. If you like horror, noir or just a tale well told then there is something here for you. A talented writer whose works I shall follow with interest.
review 2: I was already a fan of Chris F. Holm's short stories before I picked up this collection. In fact, I'd already read six of the eight stories in 8 POUNDS on crime/pulp fiction sites such as Thuglit and Beat to a Pulp. But reading his stories together, one after another, only deepened my admiration for his work. Holm's writing is extraordin
... morearily powerful, conjuring images that remain seared into my brain long after I finished reading. I can't recommend 8 POUNDS highly enough. less
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This deals with more horror than suspense. I was just crept out by most of the tales.
Very fun, early King-esque thrillers. This guy has promise.
Great collection of tales by this author!
Eight pounds of darn good storytelling.
Completely Mind-Blowing-
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