Twisted braid

Hey guys!

I’m gonna show you an easy twisted braid.This is kind of a messy look .For this you gonna need hair elastics.

•Firstly, side part your hair and with some section of hair in the front make a lace braid and tie it with an elastic.

•Now grab two small sections of hair from either sides ,tie it with an elastic and flip that small pony inwards.Pull some hair from that to make it look more messy and voluminous.

•Again take two small sections from either side,now tie them to the left side and flip the pony.Next,again take two sections,tie them to the right side and flip the pony.

•Continue doing this to your entire hair,tying sections once to the left and then right and flipping them.

•Lastly secure it with an elastic.Grab small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic just to hide it and pin it in place.

This is the final look of this braid.I hope you’ll give this a try.


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