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Short Squeeze: A Mystery (2010)

by Chris Knopf(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 2
0312551231 (ISBN13: 9780312551230)
Minotaur Books
Jackie Swaitkowski
review 1: I liked Jackie more than I thought I might, though she does seem slightly different from the Sam Acquillo series to me, somewhat less ditzy. I had thought the book couldn't stand on its own, but I think it does, although it helps to read the second Sam book as her injuries were more serious than one might get from reading this one. Story got a bit convoluted towards the end, and I felt the gratuitous violence of the first Sam story creeping in, especially in Jackie's nasty tone. Still, I can recommend the book for the curious. Audio narrator seemed a great fit, although her "Sam voice" when he appears made me cringe; thankfully, that was rare.
review 2: Sort of a Stephanie Plum, except in a better neighborhood. My first book by this author. It's apparent that t
... morehe author is a good writer. Generally the style is designed to keep the action moving but thrown in along the way are periodic descriptive narratives that are either funny or thoughtful. The protagonist is an underachiever pot smoking lawyer with apparently independent, albeit meager, means that allow her to spend a lot of time pursuing actions with little hope of renumeration. I could have done with fewer pot breaks but overall the book was funny and entertaining. less
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Didn't make a great deal of sense. Although the female lead did get laid a couple of times.
Rating 2.5. I didn't find the protagonist endearing or funny. The mystery was only so-so.
Never read this author before - would read something by him in future
I enjoyed the story but not the pace.
A fun, short book.
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