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Black Swan (2011)

by Chris Knopf(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 2
157962216X (ISBN13: 9781579622169)
Permanent Press (NY)
Sam Acquillo Hamptons Mystery
review 1: This is my first endeavor into the world of Sam Acquillo, the fifth novel in a series centered in the Hamptons. This novel skirts from the Hamptons and has Sam and Amanda battling the elements on a sailboat journey from Maine to the Hamptons. Knopf spends over half the novel detailing all the nautical adventures, a little too much for this land lover. The characters are well described, as well as the current weather conditions. The weather and the sailboat reign as the main characters. Then the detour into the workings of software programming and of the software developers ruined any pleasure that this novel might have elicited. The weak attempt of Anika to seduce Sam unfolds like a Harlequin romance. This is not a series to garner my attention.
review 2:... more> Thank you Goodreads for the free giveaway book. I only gave Black Swan 2 stars because it wasn't as interestng as I thought it was going to be. I thought the story was lacking in certain parts of the book till I got to the last 4 chapters is when it was coming together. Furthermore, I didn't care for some of the characters in the book, except for Sam's sarcastic side. Overall I do like his writing style, but I think he could have developed the story better. less
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Not really finished. just couldn't get into it. tried 3 times. might be good.
I just won as a goodreads giveaway! waiting to read it. Thanks.
I've enjoyed this series and this one was, by far, my favorite.
Very detailed about sailing and computer programing.
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