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The Sleepless Nanny (2011)

by Christa Charter(Favorite Author)
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1466391308 (ISBN13: 9781466391307)
review 1: Maybe I found this book so easy to relate to because I was once a sassy girl from the Pacific Northwest with a borderline-unhealthy wanderlust and a knack for getting myself into trouble. I loved the main character, Michelle. She's smart, witty, and terrible at acting her age; this combination gets her into (and out of, now that I think about it) quite a number of situations that she isn't all that ready to take on. There were a couple of twists I didn't see coming - I always appreciate that - and I devoured this book in just a couple of days. This is a quick and entertaining read, and if you like the Stephanie Plum or Aurora Teagarden books, you'll like this one, too.
review 2: I think I saw this book first on a friends' goodread feed and thought that I'd enjo
... morey a nanny book about a NYC nanny. Then someone was nice enough to gift it to my kindle. Really, the book was more of a nineteen-year-old in the big city coming of age story than a nanny-tell-all. And it was set in the early 90s or so, not the near-2011 that it's publication date had led me to expect. Once I accepted that it for what it was, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the book. The voice of the nineteen-year-old nanny of the title was fresh and realistic and the writing was rich enough in details to make the book enjoyable. The ending was a bit too fairy tale for me, and the plot perhaps a bit too dramatic, but overall a good light read. less
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How does the old adage go?If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything......
well done, Christa. looking forward to reading more of your stuff!!
Loved it! Very entertaining read. :)
Me love it long time!
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