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The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja (2000)

by Christopher Hastings(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 5
Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Volume I
review 1: Even if this collection of stories existed as an idea only, it would still be the greatest idea in the history of humanity. A DOCTOR WHO IS ALSO A NINJA. AN IRISH DOCTOR-NINJA. Does it need to be spelled out? It's great. The premise alone would, you would think, be a one-trick-pony, but it's ably fluffed out here with the judicious application of mustachioed gangsters, breaking glass, pirate feuds, velociraptors and gorillas. Throughout these stories - which helpfully reproduce the image alt-text, so important to its online origin - the reader has the feeling that the author can't really believe that so many people are actually digging his idea. It's refreshing, given the amount of assumed knowledge that exists in some other graphic novels. Really, this review is not going... more to do any good. I'm not going to convert anyone. I mean, if you didn't start jumping up and down at the thought of an IRISH NINJA DOCTOR, then you probably would never want to read this, ever. But if you did... enough said.
review 2: Some may see the cover or description and assume it's a cheap laugh - employing arbitrary elements into one silly image. And while some of the humor certainly stems from this, I was pleasantly surprised by the biting wit in both the dialogue and situations, not to mention the gorgeous artwork. Christ Hastings has taken an odd premise and crammed it full of so much skillfully crafted humor; I can't recommend it enough. less
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I love this graphic novel. Everything about it is hilarious and awesome.
READ THIS. Hells, buy it too.
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