TV Geek Review-Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

2001's Wet Hot American Summer has become a cult classic over the years for its absurd humor and parody/homage to the teen films of writer
director David Wain's youth.

It first spawned a prequel series on Netflix WHAS: First Day of Camp a couple years back that expanded on the movie's plot along with some new characters, and now we get another trip to camp, one that was set up in the first movie with their talk of coming back to camp ten years later when they're all in their late 20's.

This season gets even more bizarre and convoluted, but still remains just as hilarious. The majority of the cast of the movie is back, save for Bradley Cooper, who was too busy at the time of production, so his character is played by Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation fame.

If you enjoyed the movie , the previous season, or even the casts humor when they were in the show The State on MTV in the mid 90s then you should love this show. Some of the jokes, which they do repeat a few times in a row sometimes can read as unfunny if that's not your thing, but if you like dumb smart humor, then this return to camp will be quite a welcome return indeed.

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