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Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, And The Universal Longing (2013)

by Christopher West(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 5
0307987132 (ISBN13: 9780307987136)
review 1: Everyone should read this, especially religious seekers. This book explains how Catholicism (Universal Church) is where it's at.This is the best book that West has written that I have read.Uses popular music and movies to show points effectively which is a good addition from his other writings/talks that I have read/heard. You can't go wrong by using The Shawshank Redemption to show a point.Dr. West's time off from the public scene seems to have done him well. (I didn't see any problems with his stuff before that either. Some pious people don't understand that many un-churched people need and want to hear about the holy connection between sex and religion in a real way.)This was the only C. West book in my local library. They should really have more of ... morethem.
review 2: I've read most of what Christopher West has written, and while this book does not add anything new to what I've heard him teach about the main ideas and themes surrounding the Theology of Body, I'm very impressed by the synthesis and delivery of this volume. Every chapter makes succinct points, uses careful analogy, and offers thoughtful and straight talk from a man who is totally immersed and personally transformed by this subject matter. While I've heard this message before, from a craft perspective I think this is West's finest writing to date. I highly recommend this book as both an introduction to theology of the body to new readers, as well as a great executive summary for those familiar with it, especially for those looking for accessible language and a popular and foundational text through which to share it. less
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Excellent! Christopher does amazing job in explaining the true longing.
Stunning! Pick it out!
Excellent book
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