Done Deal

Book Review:  Done Deal by Lynda Aicher

This novella is a prequel to an erotica series which has a general premise of consenting adults having free-for-all sex in an office boardroom.

I don’t usually read the genre and the straight-laced girl inside of me freaked out at the thought — and not just because of group sex.  I mean, there’s the uncomfortable furnishings and air conditioning in such rooms, and I’d never be able to stop worrying about cleaners and security men bursting into it.

The two main characters apparently have some sort of past and can’t be together in their everyday lives. In the boardroom, however, they gravitate towards only the other, which isn’t the point to the room but shows us they’re in love or something. We get no resolution of whatever their problem was nor any explanation which really annoyed me as there seemed no point without either.

The book is short – basically just a sex scene – one that goes on maybe too long. As I said, I would have liked some sort of backstory reveal, or some scene featuring why the characters can’t be together in their everyday real life.

Oh, and I took a star off for ‘Trevor’. I mean, maybe it’s different overseas but I can’t think of a less sexy or romantic name than Trevor right now. (Sorry to all those Trevs in my life! LOL)

Novellas should make me rush out and buy the next in the series and/or something else written by the author. I’m not sure if that is really the case. However, if you want to give erotica a go, it’s written okay. It’s just a little difficult to care about the characters due to its brevity.

2 1/2 out of 5 on the novella scale

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