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Rippler (2013)

by Cidney Swanson(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
Williams Press
review 1: nyone that knows me knows that I love books for their characters. When I dabble in writing myself my favorite part is the building of the characters so if an author has strong and relatable characters I am in for the long haul, but when you add in a strong story line as well....I am over the moon with giddiness and this story had both. Don't get me wrong there were things that made me squish up my face and I will talk about them in a minute, but overall this book was such a great read.I am so in love with Sam and Will's romance but that is also one of the things that makes me comment to my kindle. Come on how can they not know how they feel about each other by the end of this book. Will is stupid for thinking that her Rippling to their first kiss was her not being interest... moreed, he knows she ripples when she is purely happy, and she is daft for not putting two and two together, but I can forgive that knowing there are more books to make that right.Another thing that had me a bit lost was some of the scientific stuff about the disease and it was just a little hard for me to believe that all three, Sam, Will and Mickie, understood all of it. I buy that Mickie does and perhaps Will knowing about some but for Sam not to be slightly confused made me think for a bout two seconds and then I was sucked back into this story.I highly recommend this book to all those that like good, young adult reads and I am super stoked to read the next installment.
review 2: 3.5. This was a good first story. It kept my interest through the whole thing. Creative, interesting perspectives and interesting characters. The opening was a bit rushed...too much info dumping right at the beginning. But then it settles in nicely. Then the ending conflict is startling and super rushed. Then the ending is a bit abrupt. I don't know I'd I feel like it was a whole book. It may only feel like part of a book because not quite enough happened. Anyhow all of the experiments and characters related to that- super creepy! I'm curious how it all plays out though. less
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Wish I would have read it sooner.Great read. :) You will not be disappointed
Very simple book, not enough action, many things left unexplained.
simply an amazing read!
I LOVED this book....
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