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So Dove Sei (2014)

by Claire Kendal(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 5
8811687888 (ISBN13: 9788811687887)
review 1: creeeeeeepy good stalker fun! it was frustrating at times because just like when im at a scary movie, i wanna scream at the characters for being stupid. but, when you think about victims of violence you can understand her reactions. however, this is a novel so i had a few moments where i abruptly shut the book and walked away. it was intense at times! the end was....eh. i think my exact words were, wtf?? not a favorite i would read over and over but a decent fast paced story.
review 2: Absolutely terrifying and chilling most of the read, a modern fairy tale stripped of symbolism and fantasy. It really makes you think about the mysogenist aspect hidden in children's literature. However, the fact that the protagonist endures the abuse for so long strains credulit
... morey. Like Alfred Hitchcok once said: You have to avoid that point in the movie when the audience asks "Why don't they just call the police?" I asked myself the same question more than once half way through the book, despite Clarissa's misgivings about going to the authorities. An excellent psychological thriller, nonetheless. less
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This book was haunting. It gripped me and did not let go. I was disappointed with the final chapter.
Creepy stalker. Some psycho bondage stuff. Very well written, suspenseful, eerie, hard to put down!
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