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The Year Of Shadows (2013)

by Claire Legrand(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 5
Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
review 1: 3 1/2 - there were a few plot points I couldn't entirely get with and it was maybe a wee bit too long, but generally I really enjoyed it. I love that our heroine is a little prickly and that some expected-neatly-Hollywood-like resolutions didn't transpire. Bonus points for the art nicely complementing the text (Full page, text-citing pictures! I still wish more modern books came with them. Probably because I read a lot of Nancy Drew.)
review 2: This was actually pretty good. It was a little creepy, touching, aggravating, tense, creative, and pulled me in. The beginning was a little slower feeling but once everything was established it rolled right along. This is something I probably wouldn't mind reading again. I liked the characters (mostly) and the plot was r
... moreeally good. A good read and especially for a campfire/sleepover haunt kinda read. The ending was good with a touch hopeful. A good surprise. Enjoy! less
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Fantastically spooky! And the cat's imagined voice is hilarious.
This book was definitely a good book!
wow that book was long
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