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The Père-Lachaise Mystery (2008)

by Claude Izner(Favorite Author)
3.17 of 5 Votes: 2
1906040044 (ISBN13: 9781906040048)
Gallic Books
Victor Legris
review 1: I always love a mystery... That is why I am so often forgiving when parts of it remain tangled. The Pere Lachaise Mystery was a book that could have been more captivating if there were less characters. I often lost track of who the people were and found myself looking back a great deal. To be honest with you, I didn't even like the main characters at all. However, the plot and setting were interesting enough to keep my attention. Apparently this book is part of a series wherein bookseller Victor Legris becomes caught up in becoming a 19th century detective of sorts. In this case, a maid involves him in finding the whereabouts of his former lover. What ensues becomes a quite convoluted plot, but I suppose I am a sucker for those detective novels that require some sus... morepension of disbelief. I think that is why I may have been a bit generous with the three star rating... Maybe two would suffice?? Anyway, a decent book, but I won't be running to read the next in the series any time soon.
review 2: This book was somewhat enjoyable. The sisters writing under the pseudonym of Claude Izner do quite well with their writing style, but sometimes assume the reader knows more than about the story than has been told. Used bookseller Victor Legris gets drawn into the mysterious disappearance of his former flame and must traipse all over Paris seeking clues to her whereabouts. The characters have great potential and given further efforts, this writing duo is likely to churn out some good stuff. This one was likeable, but somewhat mediocre. less
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This was such a nice second story in the series. It is fun reading about France.
edizione italiana. Caruccio
Beach read.
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