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Tygrova Stezka (2012)

by Colleen Houck(Favorite Author)
3.19 of 5 Votes: 2
The Tiger Saga
review 1: The second tail (tee hee)in this series did not disappoint. Enjoyed having more of Kishan in this installment as he is my favorite brother. Their adventures are the highlight of these stories and I love how they go into Indian and other cultures mythologies. When they are on their quests I am on the seat of my pants and do not want to put the book down. So interesting and creative and well the reader gets a bit of history and literature and they don't even realize they are learning. I am truly captivated by the world Ms Houck has created. I thoroughly enjoyed while they were traveling to and throughout Shangri-La. I found this section to be delightful and fun, yet intense. I adore Mr Kadam and wish he would adopt me -- and not just for the fact of his massive wealth.... more Ok, maybe just a little for that reason.Now for what I did not enjoy. Now please remember I am a 44 year old mom and am not who these books are written for. Also I vaguely remember being that age, so that is why i do not take any stars off my rating for these issues I have with the series.My main issue is actually the heroine of the story. She drives me absolutely crazy and I want to slap her upside the head for being so un-confident and wishy washy. Also if I have to hear about the shade of either of the brothers eyes or their chiseled chests I am going to puke LOL. Yes I know, I know, but I am not a teen anymore. I have grown out of those angsty feelings and I don't wan't to remember them. Also Kelsey you love Ren not Kishan, let the poor bastard find someone who really loves him and his naughtiness (If I was younger I would so kick your ass for him Kelsey) Hmmmm maybe that is why we have Nilima forThe storyline could have moved along better without the addition of all the other suitors for Kelsey's hand. But again I think the teens will enjoy this.
review 2: Долго читала, несколько раз откладывала. не все понравилось, первая половина книги невероятна скучна, треугольник ужасен, Кишан почти кидающийся на героиню раздражает, НО история все равно классная, полюбились мне Кейси и Рен. Конец ( а точнее последнее 100 страниц) просто класс!!! Буду читать дальше эту серию. less
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OH MY SWEET BABY !!! I HATE AMNESIA!!!!!!!!!111 *screams*
Hated that Krishan and Kelsey were together......
very love triangle orientated *SIGH*
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