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Whom God Would Destroy (2009)

by Commander Pants(Favorite Author)
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0578018896 (ISBN13: 9780578018898)
review 1: A novel that mixes insanity, conspiracy, religion and aliens surprisingly well, 'Whom God Would Destroy' is a fantastic debut novel and a really enjoyable read.I agree with other reviews of this book that one of its most noticeable achievements is the depth of the characters. Beginning with Oliver, the outreach counsellor and one of his mentally ill 'patients', Abbey, this novel explores each character leaving you as if you know them well (and perhaps share in a few of their psychosis!). Introducing other patients and their stories, God Himself (in the guise of new-age store-owner Jeremy) and even aliens, this book really does well to spend time with each character and leave you spinning in some of the twists.When it comes to the plot itself, there are a lot of themes to g... moreet along with (the second coming of God, alien conspiracy and mental illness to name but a few!), but I felt they were dealt with really well and most importantly kept me laughing-out-loud and gripped throughout.Brilliant!
review 2: Oliver is an outreach counselor working with some very unusual outpatients. Abbey, the highly sexualized woman with MPD, tempts Oliver. Doc's paranoid obsession with Big Mac loving aliens amuses him. And Greg's schizophrenia offers a touch of excitement. But Oliver's life is not all mental patients; he is also bombarded by the sane...well, the sort of sane. His boss Stuart loves theatrical therapy, the boss's boss Peggy is intent on firing him, and then there's Jeremy, a New Age shop owner with a magical bell. As these characters and more flit in and out of the book, the reader is treated to a convoluted yet simply told look at the nature of humanity, reality, and sanity. less
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Couldn't finish. Only 30% through. Too many characters, plot blogged down with too many characters,
Amazing, loved every moment of this totally out there novel. This is satire at its best.
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