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Best Friends (1981)

by Consuelo Saah Baehr(Favorite Author)
2.77 of 5 Votes: 1
0440105102 (ISBN13: 9780440105107)
Dell Publishing
review 1: This was a free book for my Nook. I thought it sounded interesting and so I gave it a shot. I think there was a little too much random dysfunction in this book for my liking. However, I found that I was curious about what would happen next. At the point that I had really gotten into it and didn't want to put it down, it came to a sudden and unsatisfactory ending. I had to double check that it really was over. I don't have to have a happy ending to be happy, but I do like there to be an ending...some resolution of the story. It was a turn off and definitely changed my rating. I think it's basically out of print now and that isn't a great loss to the literary world.
review 2: Best Friends is about the lives of three girls who met at boarding school. The book chr
... moreonicles their lives as adults. The story of each girl grown into a woman is engaging. I devoured the book. The writer filled the book with truisms about the hearts of people. The descriptions of people are so vivid that you recognize their personalities and idiosyncrasies immediately. I haven't been this sad to have a book end as when I finished The Help.One man is described as "never alone. seems to need crowd therapy. Always surrounded by people. Ugh." You get such a picture of this man as very tedious. One truism I have often quoted, "Hair could make or break you. It was frightening." Other Truisms"Working hard at getting someone to like you was the best way to get them to hate you.""motherhood and marriage had completely blotted out all former dreams as if they had no value except to keep one's spirits up until the real thing came along.""Be careful whom you help, Sara. They never forgive you for it."On love, "I know them so intimately. I know what scares them and what makes them laugh. When you know someone that well, there's a responsibility to make them happy to trigger the responses that get the smiles...maybe that's love."On fear of vulnerability, "She began to think seriously about herself. What was so great about her life and feelings that she guarded them so zealously against invasion? There was pain in her life already. The pain of loneliness. She could just be trading in one kind of pain for another. Maybe it wouldn't be painful."My favorite of all describes the ideal man, "knowing he had all the advantages made him scrupulously fair." I think one of the things I loved best was the variety of the three stories. The fact that the stories intersect again seemed almost incidental to me. I never wondered how they would meet again because each woman's story was engaging in its own right. I also loved how comfortable the men in the story were with vulnerable women. It almost seemed like vulnerability was more attractive than anything else, not because it could be preyed upon but because to see behind the walls, someone without artifice was an honor.Read this book and be drawn into the lives of three women. It is the most delicious distraction! less
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Good book, hard to keep track of some of the people in and out of the women's lives and sad.
Terrible! Not sure why I kept reading thus book. It was horrible!
The story of three best friends and the men they love.
I love it!! I could'nt put it down!
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