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Fifty Shades Damper: A Parody (2013)

by C.T. Grey(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This is a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey and was written in 2013. It is a small novelty book intended for times when you wish to give a small present or stocking filler. It is full of innuendo and reads like a script for a stand up comedian. This is a small coffee table book with pictures on every other page. The volume of text is very low and is really a short story that takes around 40 minutes to read. It is all dressed up to look like a full length novel rather than the short story in a picture book it really is. The humour is there and it is an amusing parody. This is not a brilliant read, it does not really entertain but simply amuses the reader. It is like watching a second rate comedian, you sit through it hoping it will improve. Sadly Fifty Sheds Damper does not ge... moret any better from the start. It is just a collection of brief, funny little jokes. To give you a taste, I will quote the best two jokes in the whole book. The writing does not get any better than this.Our first session wasn't a great success. I asked her to come as Miss Whiplash so she turned up with a neck brace and a solicitor.'I've been a very naughty girl,' she said, licking her lips. 'I need to be punished.' So I bought her the Daniel O'Donnell Christmas album.Fifty Sheds Damper is a poor read and is just a novelty gift. Expect to see it on offer very cheaply in Pound shops. It is a simple rip off, trading on the success of Fifty Shades of Grey and I can only vote it 2 stars. I suggest you give this little book the Miss and give someone a better small gift like a pair of socks.
review 2: Reader advisory from the cover:( the wipe clean cover, no less - which made me laugh before I even got going this time...)[i] WARNING: Shed addiction can seriously affect your health. Please read responsibly [/i]Because my disdain for the 50 Shades Trilogy of Tripe is somewhat legendary, certain people like to take the Micheal...Hence I got this for Christmas along with the first installment.Colin has made millions from his sheds, and left the damp world of garden sheds for a big fancy office. Living without his beloved wife Brenda and his shed is hard. Harder than he could have ever imaginedHe finds himself kidnapped - but by who? and why? As he lies helpless and blindfolded, Colin is forced to deal with inner demons and fungal root rot.[i] Her fingers ran up and down its length until finally it spurted all over her heaving bosom. She'd clearly never used a watering can before... [/i] less
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I was in the right mood when I read this as I just chuckled all the way through.
Hilarious again. Mother-in-law once again got it for Christmas.
Just like the first book - very short but very funny.
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