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American Spirit: A Novel (2013)

by Dan Kennedy(Favorite Author)
3.13 of 5 Votes: 4
0544032047 (ISBN13: 9780544032040)
New Harvest
review 1: I liked this book. A lot. Reminded me of some if my early attempts at writing fiction, with a rambling narrator hell-belt on his own destruction. Reading this much better version of my writing style, I am reminded how hard it is to get it right. Kennedy does. Despite long, meandering sentences that threaten to derail the narrative. Despite the unwieldy tangents and scattershot navel-gazing. Despite the almost unbearable love story that doesn't ring true. At the bottom, under the front seat behind beer bottles and porno mags, is a heart. If you like your fiction a little less messy, skip this. But if you like a hot mess of fun and angst an itty bitty silver linings, give this a shot ...
review 2: I read the first two chapters and quit. I just couldn't get into t
... morehe book. I tried and tried but I hated the writing style and I just felt like I couldn't focus. The writing style is kind of all over the place like the author is so ADHD that he doesn't know how to string along one thought at a time. It was very confusing. I will not go back and try to finish this one later....it's the second book I've ever had to put down because I couldn't read it. less
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Might be the worst book I've ever read I only read about 40 pages and quit
very quirky...but it lost my interest toward the end.
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