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False Future (2014)

by Dan Krokos(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 1
1423149874 (ISBN13: 9781423149873)
False Memory
review 1: (SPOILERS)I absolutely love love loved it!!!!! This whole series was just awesome.In the first book I was very surprised to find out about the clones and stuff. In the second book I was surprised to find out that you killed Noah and a bunch of other stuff that if I named them all we would be here until Easter. But in the third book It was surprising the whole way> Dan Krokos your f*#%king talented.
review 2: This one had similar pros/cons to the rest of the series. The author added in a lot of new elements to make things interesting, but it was almost like he was trying too hard to have a new big idea in each book, which wasn't always needed. I did like the resolution and felt satisfied at the end. I also really had to wrap my mind around his idea of "time t
... moreravel" to make sure it all seemed consistent, but I think I was able to rationalize everything the way it happened. less
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This was such a beautiful and perfect ending. It just gave me all the feels.
That ending made me want to cry.
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