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Fría Venganza (2001)

by Dan Simmons(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 3
8498006023 (ISBN13: 9788498006025)
La Factoria de Ideas
Joe Kurtz
review 1: Not very ambitious, considering Simmons' other works. I feel like Hardcase had all the potential of becoming a classic crime fiction novel, but lacked in creating a solid foundation in which to build upon. As much as I love leaving some storylines up to the imagination, Hardcase didn't have much heft in terms of details or backstory. It was almost as if I started a book halfway through and became lost without being able to pick up the pieces. All of which is a shame because I really wanted this book to succeed. In a word: disappointing.
review 2: A una semana de haberla le��do, aun me queda el buen sabor de boca(a sangre) de este peculiar libro.Simmons es capaz de escribir de todo, SF, Terror, novela pseudohist��rica, etc... Este libro empieza con una v
... moreenganza en el primer capitulo y acaba como el Rosario de la Aurora. Corto, con un lenguaje conciso, correctamente traducido, se lee de un tir��n. No es la novela maestra de los thrillers pero no se puede pedir mas. Ya he comprado la segunda de la serie y hay tres de momento... less
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Dan Simmons dumbs it down! Way down! Who cares? Not me! Kikk assss!
Good fast-paced action thriller. This would make a good movie imo.
I hope there will be another Joe Kurtz novel.
Badass detective novel. Good read.
08/09/08 rec via pbs
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