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Ships Of My Fathers (2013)

by Dan Thompson(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
0985414618 (ISBN13: 9780985414610)
Quantum Forge Press
Father Chessman Saga
review 1: A good read. A little long-winded in parts (Michael's first days on the job of the Heavy Heinrich), but once you read through to the end the excessive mundanity begins to make sense. Additionally, I could have done without the extended narrative of his "mourning" with the hooker - kinda cliché; once would have been enough, but we're to believe this 17-year-old is at his peak, so we have to suffer through numerous innuendos celebrating his libido.All of that being said, I did enjoy Ships of My Fathers - very much so. The author made very few errors (missing preposition, wrong choice of words, sentences ending in prepositions, etc) that would have easily been cleaned up by a decent editor. Since there were so few I didn't feel myself being distracted by them as much as I us... moreually am with Indie novels, and that's a great thing.The characters, while somewhat cliché, were well-rounded and put in scenarios that were believable. The dialogue was decent (minus Michael's, which I found to be a bit stiff), and the sparse action was enough to keep me turning pages til the end. But this wasn't an action novel, so I can't fault the author for lack of action scenes. The book moved along well once the drudgery of learning space plumbing and the calculus of space navigation passed.I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good space opera. Kudos!
review 2: This book was actually a recommendation by another author (Nathan Lowell) who spoke on his blog about this book, saying it was similar to his own works. Now I have been waiting for ages to read the next part of mr. Lowell's own books which have been backlogged for ages due to a whole range of issues so when he spoke about this book and I saw it was free I just had to get it. Normally I take author's recommendations with a pinch of salt because they tend to be quite lyrical about colleagues and all that but this book certainly didn't disappoint.First off this book is Space Opera in the true sense of the word. This science fiction is not about massive space battles, amazing technologies or advanced psychology or anything. There's nothing dystopian about this book either. The story is about a kid losing his father and making his way in the world and trying to come to grips with what happened. The fact that that story takes place on spaceships makes it just that much more fun but it's really about the people and the world that they live in. I should confess that I love space opera precisely because of this and this book was right up my street so perhaps I glanced over a few of it's flaws but I really was quite impressed by this story and I can't wait for the next one. less
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Great book by a great new author. Can't wait for the next one. Write faster Dan, write faster!
Exactly what I expected. No surprises. Decent, not memorable in any way.
Excellent coming of age space opera. I will be watching for the sequels.
I found this to be a very enjoyable book.
A very promising start.
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