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Soul Murder (2010)

by Daniel Blake(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
0007347901 (ISBN13: 9780007347902)
review 1: This was a very good police procedural in the vein of Alex Cross. It set up one of the main characters for a series, which I always love. I like to follow the same characters through their lives. There were a few twists that were good. Having read so many of this style, I could predict the possible outcomes, but I wasn't 100% sure until the ending. While there was a large religious undertone, it wasn't the main point of the story and dealt with it realistically, like real people would in the real world.
review 2: Good book!!!!!!! Though not a "religious" book, seven (at least) of the characters are wrestling with issues of faith and religion, including the killer. It also has a sub-theme of religion's interaction with society, and vice versa, and all in the c
... moreontext of a good murder mystery, with an ending I did not foresee, though I have been reading mysteries since I started with "The Hardy Boys" as a kid. I recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries. less
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niet onaardig, redelijk veel spanning.teveel verhaallijnen
Very well done with a nice twist at the end.
Very very good!!!!!!
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