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Hatter (2000)

by Daniel Coleman(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Hatta is an eccentric and insaine character who believes he is meant to save the kingdom. Traveling with his colorful attire and purpleful attitude, he makes friends with nearly everyone he meets, including a very wise cat with a Cheshire grin. While Hatta is on his journey, Chism is on his own. All Chism wants is to protect the order of the Circle and the Sword. The Circle is the balance between everyone in the kingdom from a toddler to the king. If the Circle is out of balance Chism vows to use his sword Thirsty to right the wrongs. Although his temper gets him into trouble his Fellow Ander is always there to hold him back. Hatta thinks that he is a foresty green while Chism is a crimson red, total opposites but they can still complement one another. Chism, who is colorb... morelind, doesn't always understand Hatta but together they might just save the kingdom like Hatta said.
review 2: This is Written exceptionally well. I love this story of Hatta and Chism. I was worried that it might now get the 'voice' of Hatta and Cheshire quite right but it was great. The story line is full of twists and turn and I couldn't put the book down. Anyone who loves the Alice in Wonderland and Jabberwocky plot will love this book. The Mad Hatter has always been my second favorite character with Cheshire being my first favorite, and this book makes it even harder to choose between them. A great fun read that makes you truly appreciate the devotion between these two brothers. less
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A brilliant back-story to my favourite character from Wonderland! Such a treat to read
Loved this story line! Hatta and Chism are absolutely wonderful!
Looks so koolio!!
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