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Unleash The Power Of The Female Brain: Supercharging Yours For Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, And Sex (2013)

by Daniel G. Amen(Favorite Author)
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0307888940 (ISBN13: 9780307888945)
review 1: Advice for taking care of your brain is good to have, and good to apply. And there was some good advice too in this book, and some about how the brain works. But the writing style was occasionally irritating (unless it's just me who finds "you" form patronizing?), and while there were some good resources for finding out more, there were quite a few bits presented in a way that made me want to slam the book away rather than keep reading.Maybe I should have picked one of his non-genderbased books of the same stuff instead.While we learn about how to take care of the female brain, Amen keeps first telling how great the female brain is. Some of the problems with female brain are due to - surprise? - female hormones. Now to remediate the problems caused by female hormones by ad... moreding more female hormones to the mix makes about as much sense as curing your peanut allergy wit a PBJ sandwich or your milk allergy with a huge cow milk latte. We also learn that empathy is a female trait, that all women have empathy, and only women have empathy, so empathy must then be related to XX-chromosome combination. Wow. Some of the most funny (or sad perhaps) parts include how to get best nutrition for your brain. While gorging on wild caught salmon, goji berries and wild spinach is fine, giving advice how to call your friends beforehand of a party to inform them about only what items you can eat (no sugar, no alcohol, no coffee, no wheat...) is, I'm sorry, dickish. If all the female readers are already equipped by that empathy thing he keeps blabbering about, wouldn't they already know how to say "no thank you, I'm on a diet"? If you have to call me before a party to give me a list of what you can and what you can't eat, bring something for yourself, and with all that no coffee and no alcohol you might also not want to come at all.
review 2: This book is fascinating and has opened my eyes to a whole lot that is going on both in my brain and that of others. As a result of reading the book, I've made some definite changes in my life that will lead to greater happiness and brain health.That said, I actually listened to the book on audio, which is not the way to engage with this book. There's too many lists and too much technical detail to be able to absorb it while listening or find it again when finished. If you are interested in this topic, get the real book and leave the audio experience for something else. less
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Soooo good! The chapter about how to revitalize your marriage is outstanding & it works! :-)
Great book on mindfulness
Great section on ADHD!
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