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Magnificent Mind At Any Age: Natural Ways To Unleash Your Brain's Maximum Potential (2008)

by Daniel G. Amen(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
0307339092 (ISBN13: 9780307339096)
review 1: My second Dr. Amen audio-book from the library. I'm enjoying my library discoveries - and learning about the brain. This book had an interesting take on how I can give myself a higher level of health by taking care of my brain! I especially enjoyed his story about grasshoppers; that if you put them in a jar with a lid they will try and try and try again to get out. Then they will just quit, never to try again. Our brains can overcome the never try again fate - we are not grasshoppers! No matter our age or circumstance, we can retrain our brain.
review 2: Ok, I hate to admit it, but I quit it. I made peace with quitting by buying some fish oil vitamins and drinking more water as with each chapter I did complete, it became clear that doing these two things a
... morelong would make my brain healthier than yours. It's good info in the book, but I think I got about as much of the drift as I could handle. In short, I'm not ready to exercise like a desperate house wife or eat like a rabbit. In the next world, I hope it's the skinny, veggie-eating twerps that have to change their ways to be healthy and fit in. less
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Dr. Amen knows how to recycle information. It all good, but not muc different from his other books.
Interesting research into the brain & its function! Dr. Amen is brilliant.
Very interesting so far. Have not finished book yet.
Everyone should read this book!!
great read
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