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Copia-e-incolla (2014)

by Danny Wallace(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
8807031051 (ISBN13: 9788807031052)
review 1: SynopsisWhen Tom wakes up to a note from his girlfriend Hayley saying that she has left but not left him, Tom’s life is thrown into turmoil. With only a small suitcase of her belongings gone, Tom is left in limbo. He tries to carry on as normal but when he hears a strange message on his answer phone from the mysterious Andy mentioning “the place” Tom becomes determined to solve the mystery of Hayley’s departure.What ensues is a series of wacky misadventures, growing friendships and dare I say it – personal growth.ReviewI have been toying with the idea of reading a book by Danny Wallace for a while. I have purchased a few and they sit on my shelf, tentatively and patiently waiting to be picked up and read. However, it was due to my desire to get my NetGalley perce... morentage up that made me read Who Is Tom Ditto? Sorry Danny.I’m awfully glad that I did read Who Is Tom Ditto? It is sharp, witty and a little bit bonkers. It is honestly like no book I have ever read before. The storyline came way out of left field. It has also made me a little curious as to whether there actually is a pocket of people who actually do follow people about. I will try to be a lot more aware of folks around me from now on.Tom, bless him, was just a victim of circumstance. A too trusting guy who was dealt a massive bow by his girlfriend and it was endearing to watch him try to hold his life together and figure out what was going on in his life. The cast of characters around him all added to the story in colourful and interesting ways.Strangely, even though the book tied everything up neatly at the end – which those of you who read my reviews know is often times my biggest bugbear – I really liked that there were no loose ends in Who Is Tom Ditto? Heroes became heroic and villains got there comeuppance.One of the highest accolades I can give this book is that I read it in one sitting. I didn’t want to put it down. Danny Wallace has a new fan in Lisa Bentley. I will most definitely be pushing his other fictional work – Charlotte Street – higher up my personal TBR pile.Who Is Tom Ditto? by Danny Wallace is available now.Who is tom dittoYou can follow Danny Wallace on Twitter @dannywallace
review 2: I was part way through this when I began to wonder if someone should mention to Wallace that he probably shouldn't really write fiction, not a patch on his other books...but then something happened, and I got interested in the story, and the whole cc thing, which frankly could be an interesting hobby if I ever give up reading and going to the cinema.I liked the two main characters of Tom and Pia,but not Hayley, as was supposed to happen, and I had visuals of Leslie being played by Bill Nighy.Some very unlikely happenings to some very likeable character, Wallace did ok in the end. less
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Cretinous. Not worth the half hour of speed reading that got meto 20% through. Bloody awful.
Great book. Clever, witty and thought provoking.
This had so much effect on me! Might review later
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