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We Are All Completely Fine (2014)

by Daryl Gregory(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
1616961716 (ISBN13: 9781616961718)
Tachyon Publications
review 1: It's more of a novella than a full length book, only about 111 pages in Nook format. The premise is a support group for survivors of traumatic events, that may or may not have a supernatural element to them. Stan, the oldest survivor, lost all of his limbs to a cannibal clan. Barbara survived someone called the Scrimshander, he peeled the muscle and whatnot from her bones and carved pictures on them. Marvin sees things that whisper in peoples ears. And one of the whisperers ordered someone to slaughter his roomates. Almost all of Greta was branded by a cult trying to summon a Jinn. And the last Harrison survived something like a Lovecraftian horror when he was a child. And even though it was a complete tale, no cliffhanger, it did leave a chance for another longer tale. It... more would make for an interesting band of heroes.
review 2: Wow! This is my third Gregory within a month and each was brilliant in their own ways. In We Are Completely Fine survivors of horrific events are joined together for group therapy, not knowing that events from their various pasts are about to revisit them in strange ways. As with all of Gregory's works (the ones I have read at least)the writing is sharp, the humour is dark though subtle and the characters are amazingly drawn. I almost wish I had not discovered this wonderful author until he had written much more then is currently available. I dont have much more to go and I know I'll be reading the rest of his books very quickly less
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Strange and compelling, especailly the way the stories twist together.
Wow, this book is so messed up. And also kind of amazing.
Creepy and beautiful.
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