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The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas (2012)

by David Almond(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 3
0763661694 (ISBN13: 9780763661694)
Candlewick Press
review 1: I thought about this book as a boy with a simple life. His life isn't so simple when he leaves his family and works with another family. Then he is on an adventure to go find more gold fish, when on his journey he finds the great Poncho Pirelli and Pancho tells him to meet him at his show. Stan figures out that Poncho is a man who swims with piranhas. Poncho thinks that Stan can do the same and be a legend. Stan goes through training and is ready to dive into a tank but his new dad doesn't want him to dive into the tank. The rest of the book remains a mystery for you readers to find out.
review 2: A young boy called Stanley was a small wimpy boy. All he wanted to do was leave his dads factory. But one day it was his birthday meaning that he was aloud to go out
... moreside and go to the fair. When he got to the fair a man asked him if he wanted to travel all around the world doing stations for carnavals. So he politely said yes. Then when he left he felt guilty for leaving his parents behind but figures out what he could really do. The boy who swam with piranhas is about achievement, passion and courage. less
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Didn't care enough to finish. Wanted to like it because of the author, but just couldn't.
fun, sweet main character. i liked the interaction between the author and reader.
Booktube a thon - a book picked out by a friend challenge.
A quirky read for those quirky students:)
My son recommended this one to me.
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