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The True Tale Of The Monster Billy Dean (2011)

by David Almond(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 2
0763663093 (ISBN13: 9780763663094)
Candlewick Press
review 1: The day Billy Dean wos born wos a day of great destrucshion for his town of Blinkbonny. Kept in secrit and seeing only his butyful yung mam Veronica and, on his rare visits, his daddy, Billy nos little of the world he has been born into. At the age of thirteen when his daddy disapperes it seems for good his mam introduses Billy to the world, and the devastashion that has remained almost unchanged since his birth. While virchewally uneducated and ignorant of the world at large there are thoos who have great expectashions of Billy, namely the older Missus Malone, and the cheerful Mr McCaufrey the local bucher who is like a farther figer to Billy while Missus Malone encurages Billy to develop and make use of the great powers she beleves are his.Living in a word possibly in th... moree near futur, these are difficult seemingly lawles times, the war has raged at leest since Billys birth, and is still raging when he cums out into the world at the age of thirteen. What futur there is for the world is unsertain, all that is sertain is that Veronicas one gole is to escape Blinkbonny and take Billy with her to live on the butyiful not too distant little island pitchured on her wall.Eventually nuws gets arownd of Billys abilitys, but there are danjers ahead for him and for those who care for him in this unsertain world, but there is also hope.Billy tells his own story, peecing together his life since birth, but there is a problem, he dus not no how to rite, and so he does what he can; he rites foneticly (sum seen to think this a problem - I dont understand that) This conveys butyfully much of the deliteful character of Billy, his charm, onesty and innosence; and it is surprisingly easy to read, it takes but a paje or to and 1 is akustomed to his unusual - yet logical - spelling.The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean is a most appealing story, there are many mysteries along the way not all of wich are ansered, and it is filled with little insidents and amewsing events from Billys growing years. It is an unusual, engajing and at times moving story.(and don't wurry, take my wurd for it, reading this book wont affect your own use of the English langwij)
review 2: Billy Dean is a child who has survived massive destruction on his English village - more specifically, he's been saved, for what purpose the reader gradually discovers. Reminiscent of The Graveyard Book and The Giver, this novel follows an innocent's journey through danger, despair, and suffering on the way to knowledge and possibly, to safety.Almond chooses to have Billy, who can barely write, narrate his own tale. While this puts the reader in Billy's mind, in the main it is a distracting device, as the reader is forced to slow down to decipher phonetic spelling and unconventional language use. less
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A whimsical tale of survival and hope! The narrative style makes it an enjoyable challenging read.
Can't read it. I know it is meant to be cleverly done in kids style but I can do it. Shitting me.
Maybe I'd be willing to listen to an audio version. Couldn't get past the first page.
I don't recommend this. Fun to read but I expected it to be much better.
I'm just really not okay
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