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Wrong Man, The (2012)

by David Ellis(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
1455836621 (ISBN13: 9781455836628)
Brilliance Audio
Jason Kolarich
review 1: This was the first time I was reading a book by David Ellis and I can assure you that I will look for more of his books. This book was filled with suspense and was a page turner. I stayed up late at night to finish it. The characters are well developed and take you on an emotional ride. I was able to sympathize with several of the characters - even the antagonist near the end of the story. The ending will take many by surprise.
review 2: I love legal thrillers and this one was no exception. Attorney Jason Kolarich defends an Irag war veteran suffering from PTSD against murder, Against all odds including a judge who won't let him plead insanity nor PTSD, he uncovers a terrorist plot while trying to find evidence of the defendant's innocence. The book wa
... mores exciting, riveting and well written. The author has co-authored books with James Patterson. I definitely will look for more of his books. less
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This was a pretty good read. I suspected the last twist early on, but it still held my interest.
Good read. Unfortunately, I had the assassin nailed entirely too soon!
Excellent read. Keeps you in suspense the whole way.
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