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This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered On A Significant Occasion, About Living A Compassionate Life (2009)

by David Foster Wallace(Favorite Author)
4.53 of 5 Votes: 2
0316068225 (ISBN13: 9780316068222)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: This was given to me to read by a person who, without me knowing at the time, ultimately changed my life and made me want to better myself mentally and spiritually. It only makes sense that she gave me a piece of literature that preaches the practice of living compassionately and consciously. Since reading this for the first time, I have recommended it to anyone and everyone who I see the same light that I assume my dear friend saw in me. Since then I have preferred reading the full transcript of this speech online for free but I did not hesitate to purchase a copy to pass around to others.
review 2: I guess my expectations were a little high, or I'm not familiar with Foster, or this is not my field or cup of tea. I thought it was alright. I liked the beginning
... more, then the middle was a bit of blur. I think I got some the points he was trying to make...to get out of one's default setting, to choose what and how to think, to be aware of the water. I just...don't think he needed to take that long to get to the gist of it. I suppose commencement speeches are required to be at least a certain length. It's sad to see that he never did become to wise old fish. In the end I prefer the speech by Mary Schmich. less
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Rake woorden, maar ik geloof niet dat het genre 'afstudeerpraatjes' echt aan mij besteed is...
Empiezo bien con este autor, y ahora quiero todos sus libros.
Inspirador y tremendo.
Oh shit!
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