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The Last Christian (2010)

by David Gregory(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
1400074975 (ISBN13: 9781400074976)
Waterbrook Press
review 1: This was an interesting and thought provoking book. As a Christian, I can relate to much of the ambiguity facing the protagonist; however I think that a non-believer might have a problem with the resolutions the author presents. The characters had dimension, but I didn't care for the online presentation designed to make the main character " more real". Both my friend and myself just couldn't see the real young lady in the video as the heroine we'd enjoyed so in the book. Physically, she didn't look at all like the descriptions in the book and her mannerisms were decidedly dated.
review 2: I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. It was full of Sci Fi details that really enhanced the setting and furthered the plot.Very Dramatic and exciting with a not so
... more happy ending, this book shows life how it really would be if we ended up losing christianity and found a way to life almost forever on earth. However, it seemed like the main character, Abby, lacked some character development, leaving her a little flat. The other characters though were more developed. less
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Scarily realistic..Similar to the way the future of the world can be predicted to be!
reminds me of the days wen i was reading Zaanan.....Aww lub it....:)
I would definitely recommend this be made into a movie. Profound.
Enjoyable, thought provoking and challenging.
Good book...thought-provoking
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