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Caduto Fuori Dal Tempo (2011)

by David Grossman(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
8804623918 (ISBN13: 9788804623915)
review 1: As some people know: David Grossman lost his son (during the War in Israel) --5 years ago.His book "To The End of The Land" (an AMAZING BOOK --one of my all time favorites) -- was his last novel. --This new release book "Falling Out of Time" is a small little book written for bereaved parents --offering comfort through poetry- and play. I bought this book (along with "Beyond Tears" --living after losing a child) --to give to my close friend. Her son had been fighting Cancer for the past 10 months. He was 32 years old.He died last night. (I read this book last night). I'm not sure this book gave 'me' fully the comfort I needed for the sadness I feel -- (but it was a tender-eloquent-unique style of writing about the loss of a child). Some of the pages I felt deeper ... morethan others --On the last page was my favorite writing -- (I felt the most powerful to me):And he is deadI understand, almost,the meaning ofthe sounds: the boyis dead. I recognizethese wordsas holding truth.He is dead,he isdead. Buthis death, his deathis notdead
review 2: "so it twitches,/ and just/ makes is not/ so/ so impossible/ to/ /anything.""Your son once lay in that cradle.""And now he has a different one."While I can't say I loved this book, I did love one character who is quoted here and referred to as the Centaur. This book seemed to drag to me, which in a way really suits the mood, but also didn't entice me enough in the long run. All in all, not bad but probably won't read again. less
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Very unusual and strange book. Trying to find a words to a death of a child...
Interesting meditation on Death but I was defeated by the format...
Powerful examination of loss and children
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