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The Enigma Of Capital And The Crises Of Capitalism (2010)

by David Harvey(Favorite Author)
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1846683084 (ISBN13: 9781846683084)
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review 1: A mixture of sharp insights, sentimental romantic prejudices and in depth discourses on the blatantly obvious. Either DH is very stubborn, or his editor was asleep on the job. .. The Marxist claim to provide a Theory of Everything is certainly impressive, even while qualifying as comically overreaching. The attempt at conceiving and conveying such a vast project without recourse to a single equal sign: hopelessly, pathetically naive; the outcome: just as expected.Marx is quite frightening. He may well have some valid points about the defects of capitalism, but the programme put forward here by his acolyte, Hendry, is replete with far grosser problems and leaves too many questions unasked, not to say unanswered.
review 2: Mixed feelings. Lots of info. But a lot
... moreof it in an almost flow-of-consciousness form. Perhaps, it seemed more flow-of-consciousness to me because I listened to it - maybe visual formatting of the paper book would have reduced that. Lots of specifics I didn't know, not as much new general concepts. It's nice to have a "what to do" section in an economics book, but it was rather limited by it's precision academic perspective and focus on what intellectuals should do. Those aren't per se bad things, but restrictive in terms of all the things needed beyond that scope. less
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Great analysis of the recent economic crisis by way of the inherent flaws in the capitalist system.
everyone should read this though it can keep you awake at night
Interesting ( never heard ' carcareal drift ' before )
Not so enigmatic after all, once you've read this.
Excellent Marxist reading of crisis.
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