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Rescue Warriors: The U.S. Coast Guard, America's Forgotten Heroes (2009)

by David Helvarg(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
0312363729 (ISBN13: 9780312363727)
Thomas Dunne Books
review 1: This is a great book for anyone with a CG connection, anyone interested in maritime/emergency response/environmental issues/policy/politics. The chapters at the end were excellent in their depth of discussion about the politics of a brave but stretched-thin service. I have a family member who left the CG about a year after Sept 11 and was recalled briefly after that. It is a shame, but was entirely predictable, the way the environmental missions were neglected after 2001. I am very proud of the Coast Guard, and I wish it were better funded. The spirit of the CG is one that is tried and true.
review 2: The Coast Guard is the Cinderella of the armed services, overlooked, overextended, under-funded, unsung. It's refreshing to read a book detailing the Coast Gua
... morerd's vast and numerous sectors of responsibility along with its ability to do so much with so few resources. The author is careful to balance his accounts of daring heroism and dashing initiative (the Coast Guard is quite unlike the other services in terms of individual autonomy) with a bare-eyed look at its history and the many problems which plague the organization today. For the most part, I would say Helvarg is pretty accurate in his assessments, and the reason I can say this is because I am personally acquainted with many of the people, places, and missions he describes. He depicts them quite well. less
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Still enjoying the book, but I could do without the author's editorializing and opinions.
I got bored with it. It became redundant, so I gave it up.
All the info I was looking for.
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