JK Industries 5 Pack Sticker Collection 1

For anyone who is familiar with Skateboarding, the name Jeremy Klein should be somewhat of a familiar one. Having started Hook-Ups skateboards, which was famous for featuring anime girls on the boards, he also runs JK Industries which now has produced a 5 pack sticker collection.

Klein getting kicked in the head for promotional purposes.

Being a designer as well as a pro skateboarder, Klein is very much the driving force between the look and designs of his companies. Check out this sticker collection to get a taste of his style which tends to lean towards anime and other aspects of Japanese pop culture. This pack in particular refers to anime character Hatsune Miku, Sailor Moon, a Japanese cigarette commercial and the Japanese poster for Brain Dead aka Dead Alive.

To get your sticker pack at the JK Industries site click here.

To check out the Hook-Ups Skateboards site click here.

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