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A Predator Priest (Kindle Single) (2000)

by David Margolick(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This story was heartbreaking. I myself know of someone who was molested by a "Brother" when he was a kid in a seminary camp in NY. Ever since finding this out I have read others stories in hope of better understanding what he went through as well. This person i know was very similar to tommy in this story. He has had many problems with drugs and alcohol and women. He also has an anger problem. At times I have worried that he would kill himself as well, but thankfully all these years later, he seems to be living a much better life. Thank you to the author for sharing this story with the public. By writing this story you are truly helping others to open their eyes.
review 2: This was an informative and suprisingly quick and interesting read. It is not fictionali
... morezed or sensationalized but rather explores the various failings of the Catholic Church, the Pope and individual priests and bishops involved in the decades long cover up regarding the sexual molestation and abusive activities of a priest that took 42 years (and the persistence of a beloved brother of one of the victims) to finally defrock. The story is unfortunately too familiar. If you are morbidly curious and looking for morbid details, this book is discreet but factually complete. less
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This will make you angry, amazing how long this crap was allowed to go on.
Another sad account of a pedophile priest and the lives he ruined.
This short book blew me away. I mean, I had no idea. No. Idea.
It was a good story, but it wasn't written very well.
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