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Lincoln Deception, The (2014)

by David O. Stewart(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
1480592072 (ISBN13: 9781480592070)
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review 1: I enjoy conspiracy novels. However my issue with works of fiction that are based around a true event is that unless you know the specific subject inside out, you're left at the mercy of the novelist. I know some about the Lincoln assassination but am not well versed about it as I am with the JFK assassination. When it comes to the killing of Lincoln and subsequent cover-up, I know more than some, but less than others. And that's what puts me at the mercy of the author. For example, in this story, the author claims John Wilkes Booth was engaged to be married, had a fiancé. Honestly, I've never heard that. But I don't know if that's true or if the author is just changing history to make his novel more interesting.I found the writing style--awkward. The story takes place in ... more1900 and yes, dialogue has to "read" and "sound" like it IS 1900. You cant have one character walking up to another, saying, "Wassssssuppppp!' On the other hand, for some reason, the author writes the narrative--descriptions and so forth--as if it's old. I looked to see if perhaps this book not only took place in 1900 but was actually WRITTEN in 1900.I found the characters utterly boring and no feeling or connection with them at all.A good chunk of the first 40 pages or so read not like a novel but like a history text book. If I'd wanted to read a history of the Lincoln assassination and conspiracy, I'd have perused the non-fiction area of my library.I struggled through the first 60 pages. I struggled through another 40. I've read 100 of a 250 page novel but I'm at a point where this feels more like homework. I should want to read for pleasure and enjoyment, not cause I feel like I "should."This book--neither the premise, the writing style, the characters or the hints about conspiracy--drew me in at all. Just didn't do it for me
review 2: Enjoyable reading experience. A large dosage of the actual Lincoln assassination combined with the fictional portion of what could have really happened. The author, Mr. David O. Stewart, provides an interesting tale regarding the unanswered questions surrounding President Lincolns death. He thoughtfully brings forth the other players, their goals and the racial turmoil during this tragic period of history. Mr. Stewart has a respectable knowledge of the time frame, providing an entertaining and quick reading adventure. Thanks to Mr. Stewart and Kensington Books for providing this book through Goodreads for review. less
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A very interesting theory of Lincoln's assassination. Ending was a bit weak, tho.
An excellent debut. I'm looking forward to the next adventure.
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