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Epitaph Road (2010)

by David Patneaude(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 4
160684055X (ISBN13: 9781606840559)
review 1: While it may not necessarily be quality literature, this was still a really interesting read. I am always trying to keep up with YA to offer my students book recommendations, and this is definitely one that I will recommend. I thought that the epitaphs placed at the beginning of each chapter added an additional layer to the book that gave me a whole world of things outside of the plot to consider. The plot was fast-moving and interesting, and would be a good read even for reluctant readers. Overall, a good YA dystopia.
review 2: I'm not going to claim that this was a well-written book, or one that diverged in some way from the dystopian YA cookie-cutter factory that seems to be Scholastic's bread and butter as a publishing house nowadays. I will say, however
... more, that there was something about this book that charmed me. Perhaps it was the concept, but more likely than not it was the poignant (and well-written) epitaphs that started each chapter. (Personal side-note: It was interesting to read this after reading The Fault in Our Stars. I related to TFiOS so much as a parent, but perhaps because I have daughters only, I related to this book as a wife.) less
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Ugh. Predictable and preachy. Men are evil, women are evil. We're all doomed. Bleh.
I am not always a fan of fantasy books but this one was worth the read.
Not bad. Kind of ended abruptly though
Story ok, kind of a letdown.
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