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Airtight (2013)

by David Rosenfelt(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
1250024765 (ISBN13: 9781250024763)
St Martin
review 1: Wow! A plot I'd never encountered before and beautifully executed. I didn't mean to read it in one sitting--but, oh well. I'm greatly relieved that I liked this book. How could I possibly give low marks to anyone who has rescued, rehabilitated and just moved cross-country with 27 golden retrievers? Yes, he's writing a book about the adventure. Meanwhile, I want to seek out his Andy Carpenter series that I've never read. Possibly I've found a new author--which is getting harder and harder.
review 2: I enjoyed this book, particularly after the disappointment of the last book, Heat Wave. This one was much tighter spun, characters more believable and the plot not as predictable. Good tension between characters because of the revelation of past relationships
... morejust at the time the plot gets rolling. Nice touch. However, I would have given it a higher rating if the author had been more creative with the ending. Starting about 10 chapters from the end (and the chapters are very short and punchy; a good tool), he begins to resolve all the issues he's created in the book. While this is an admirable goal, every character and situation gets tied up in a nice little knot for the reader to dismiss. I prefer a little mystery to remain, but in this book, there's no doubt about how the situations have ended. And I expect that the main character, Luke Somers, will become the center of a series. Too bad because he'll get old fast. less
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I much prefer his Andy Carpenter series, but this was entertaining and an interesting plot.
3.5. Listened to this on tape and enjoyed it. Not excellent but enjoyable!
A very feeble premise, but otherwise a nicely done and engaging thriller.
Good writer. Tight Mystery. Liked characters.
Really enjoyed this one! Quick read!
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