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32 Fangs: A Final Vampire Tale (2012)

by David Wellington(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 1
0307886182 (ISBN13: 9780307886187)
Broadway Books
Laura Caxton / Vampires
review 1: This series started out with some promise. I wanted to know how it all ended. Monstrous rather than romantic or sparkly vampires can make for good reading. But two things kept pulling me out of the story. First was the repetition that Laura Caxton is the only one who knows how to kill the vampires. Right, because massive trauma to the heart is really difficult to explain to other law enforcement types. Then, sigh, our hero keeps sliding the safety off her Glock. It might be nitpicky of me, but Glocks don't have an external safety. That's one of their selling points rather than a well-kept industry secret. I kept putting the books down because of that. I did finally finish the series, but can't recommend.
review 2: David Wellington has created a perfect, satisf
... moreying and brutal end to his vampire series. On the last page I felt like applauding. It was the same feeling you get at the theatre or during a concert when you watch someone perform so masterfully you are overcome with the urge to cheer.When you have a strong, powerful series, the pressure to deliver a polished and satisfying series can be too much for some. I mean, look what happened to the Matrix trilogy. This series actually became better and better with each book. All the story lines are wrapped up neatly and you get the impression that David knew how the series was going to end from the very first book.The book ends (non-spoiler) with an acknowledgement that nearly had me in tears. When discussing the impetus for the series, he mentions another vampire series while having the grace not to publicly state which one. He expresses the frustration many horror fans had with this series (look at me being graceful here) and how he longed for a return to the monster. You can tell he is truly grateful for his fans. And David, we are grateful to you. I look forward to whatever you write next. less
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A very good end to a great vampire series. Especially liked the POV of Justinia Malvern.
It was O.K... without giving out too much, I hope there will be more of Laura Caxton...
Excellent ending to an excellent trilling series.
A fitting end to this series.
A good ending to the series.
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