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Devil's Lair (2010)

by David Wisehart(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: This was a book of two halves. I thought the first half was very good, but when the pilgrims began their descent into hell it became a pastiche of ancient stories and myths with little original plot and even less character development. It was disappointing because the first half was interesting and well written and I enjoyed it, but then I became bored and skimmed most of the last third of the book.
review 2: This book was Dante's Inferno with a serious twist. Although I was a bit annoyed with the characters, I still thought the book was decent in itself, but really only a watered-down version of the original. That said, the change of events at the end quickly reeled me back into the story and made me like it more than I believe I could have without it. Clearl
... morey, I won't say what it was exactly for I do not want to spoil it for others, but it was interesting to find out the truth. less
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Decent book but some of the inaccuracies were a bit of putting. Still a good read.
Part Dante, Part Lord of the Rings, and part proverb. I enjoyed it greatly!
Needs to translate all of the Latin...
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