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No Safety In Numbers (2012)

by Dayna Lorentz(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 3
0803738730 (ISBN13: 9780803738737)
No Safety in Numbers
review 1: This book is really good. It has so much suspense that you cant put the book down. The book is about a bomb discovered in a mall. No one can leave for a few days, almost a week. You would think it would be good to be trapped in a mall, but truly its not. After a couple of days supplies start running out. Hundreds possibly a thousand people in a mall. Many of those people need medicene But no one can leave. Soon enough people start finding out what is acutally happening.I recommend this book to people who likie books with suspense.
review 2: This book was really good but it kind of freaked me out because it was something that could happen in real life. It is about these teenagers who just happen to be in the mall when a bomb releases a deadly virus into the mall
... more through the air ducts. The book switches back and forth between the perspective of the different teens. Some of the characters named Ryan, Mike, and Drew try to escape through the windows on the cealing, but get caught. Two other characters try to survive all of the riots and hide out in a little store for a long time. The last teenager is the daughter of the senator, who is running the quarantined mall trying to keep everyone alive. The senator thinks that only 20 people have died of the flu, but at the end of the book, she opens the ice rink and sees that it is filled with dead bodies. less
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Great book. The setting and tone changes from the cover to cover. Great book overall.
Ominous message, considering the current Ebola crisis. Definite page-turner.
Mostly good, sometimes got a bit unclear but overall a really good book.
so bad, so so so bad
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