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Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics And The Limits Of Law (2011)

by Dean Spade(Favorite Author)
4.4 of 5 Votes: 5
0896087964 (ISBN13: 9780896087965)
South End Press
review 1: Nothing here should be revelatory, but it will be for many readers if they're willing and able to read domain-independently enough. I stopped reading about 3/4 through partially because of my distaste for the language of theory, which tends to aim at science with less efficacy than science offers, and partially because I'm not who this book needs to convince -- and it was due back at the library.
review 2: i havent read it all but i started getting frustrated with dean spade, like i respect his work and ideas, but it jsut kinda reads to me like a white man re-explaining what women of colour, especially trans women of colour, and trans sex workers have been saying for like a billion years, but now he is saying it and its all revolutionary. And while he does cre
... moredit these communities frequently i dunno i just cbf reading it all...but its probably a good introduction to these politics and explains basic ideas around why gay marriage doesn't solve everything, problems with prisons and criminalizing things and issues of class and race and trans* issues being ignored within the gay movement. less
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3.75? 4.25? I don't know.
Amazing So far!
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