Cats collector/ Facial Mask

It’s December now.. Everyone is so busy preparing for Christmas, and the traffic became even worse. You can really see so many people at the mall nowadays that make it hard to walk, and so many sales lol. I’ve been so busy these past few days like i’m always tired. My sleeping time is also affected. 

Last week friday i hang out with my brother and i buy some gift for my friends. And i saw this cat product at the landmark. They have the area which you can see lot’s of cat products. So i did buy a notebook and pouch. It’s so cute! 

And i did buy a new facial mask from Origins. The white one.. Cause my face is having a breakouts most of the time, although my soap and toner helps it for not aggravating that much, it’s still need something. So i tried this mask, at first it really feels soft and can help to fade some blemishes on my face, and can also brighten your face too. But later on i have a little breakouts after a day. Not sure if it is the mask, i don’t have enough sleep and was stressed too. So i’m gonna give a chance the facial mask this week. 

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