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Summer Of Cotton Candy, The (2009)

by Debbie Viguié(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
0310856647 (ISBN13: 9780310856641)
Sweet Seasons
review 1: Candace Thompson’s dad has ordered her to get a summer job and earn money of her own. She gets a job at The Zone, an amusement park where she’s a cotton candy operator and salesgirl. Candace starts to make friends at The Zone, including handsome guy who dresses up like the Lone Ranger. She also makes a few enemies. Plus, Candace’s best friend, Tamera, who happens to be rich, is upset that Candace doesn’t have time for her anymore and is jealous of Candace’s new friends. Can Candace learn to balance her new friends with her old? And can she stand up to the enemies she’s made at The Zone?What a fun read! It zipped right by. I loved Candace, and The Zone was so well thought out that it read like its own fantasy world. I can totally imagine going to that theme park... more! The story was funny in parts, frustrating in parts, and sweet too. I’m curious what’s going to happen in Candace’s life yet and am going to have to read book two. Recommended!
review 2: Reading this as if I were sixteen again, it was surprisingly adorable and fun. I wasn't entirely sure how I would like it at first, but it grew on me quickly. I had my first job when I was 15, and I was a bit more excited about it than Candace, but a lot of the anxieties and dealing with customers hit home. This book was a LOT of fun, and ten years ago I would have loved it just as much. It isn't overly preachy as some Christian YA novels are, and instead it focuses more on Candace growing and changing as she deals with her first job and her first boyfriend.I would have given it five stars, but I was a bit disappointed on some things. For instance, everyone warned Candace about Becca, and didn't specify as to what to "watch out for" and it caused a lot of trouble. Everyone got angry at Candace for not knowing better, and not asking for clarification. In my opinion, if it was as important as they made it out to be, they would have specified it up front instead of just stating "Watch out for Becca" and leaving it at that. It worked out fine in the end, but it peeved me a little bit.Also, the lemon poppyseed muffin was a bit obvious from the beginning, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm a lot older than Candace, or if it was just handled in a clunky manner, but it was still a nice little twist. Candace is a lot braver than me, I must admit, to yell at everyone like that. :PFinally, I was disappointed at the complete lack of chemistry between Candace and Kurt. Candace and Josh seemed a lot better suited for one another. If Kurt was so amazing, I would have liked to see more evidence of that instead of him just being good looking and charming, and it came a bit too late for me to get behind him as a love interest. However, this is only the first in the series so I'm willing to see if he either grows more interesting or if the relationships go another way.All in all, it was a very nice read on a cloudy day and the biggest compliment for this book is that I would have adored it just as much when I was a teenager, which is this book's target audience. less
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this book says mainly to work hard for what you want, no matter what the consequences or flaws are.
Really short and sweet. Quick read and it was cute and light as cotton candy, no pun intended. :)
loved my new fav series!
Very cute! i liked it :)
I liked it!
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