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Heartbreak Hotel (2013)

by Deborah Moggach(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 2
0701187824 (ISBN13: 9780701187828)
Chatto & Windus
review 1: This book was slow to grab my interest, in fact, at the beginning, I almost bailed as there were so many characters and stories to try to keep track of. But I'm very glad that I did perservere as it was a really good read. In fact, I found myself laughing out loud several times and smiling at other times. This book was a Richard and Judy Book Club Selection (UK) for Autumn 2013, which is how it got on my radar. Moggach has also written "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". This book tells the story of Buffy, an over the hill actor with a chaotic back story of ex wives, liaisons, heavy drinking, children and steps with the various women in his life. Living a somewhat lonely life in London, in a neighbourhood in transition, Buffy is surprised to find out that he has inheri... moreted a B & B in Wales from one of his former lovers, Bridie. Deciding it is time for a change, Buffy moves to Wales and finds a B & B in sad repair and no funds to make the changes needed to bring it up to snuff. But with his intrepid cook and right hand gal Voda, who came along with the B & B and a wide assortment of characters who come to stay and find what they are looking for in the little Welsh village, Buffy manages to find a life he never dreamed of. I enjoyed this book very much...a likeable read. The ending was especially delightful.
review 2: Yet another 5 out of 5 this month - I am on a roll! "Heartbreak Hotel" is a lovely, light, uplifting read - made for lounging on a sunbed on a cruise ship (=roll on August 2015!). In common with some of Deborah Moggach's earlier novels, there is a focus on older people and their lust for life, which is really very positive - the idea that it is never too late to live your dream. In this novel, I loved the way the main character, Buffy, in his 70s, up sticks and relocates to Wales to run a b&b, and is joined throughout the course of events by his friends and family. The village they end up living - and loving - in, is right out of the 1950s, with that era's values and more considered way of life, which seem to have gone by the wayside in today's fast paced world. A great read! less
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Too many characters to keep track of and nothing really happens.
This was a light-hearted easy to read novel.
Not as good as These Foolish Things
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